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The Benefits of Milk Thistle



3rd July 2018

We all know of the wonderful benefits that milk thistle (also commonly known as holy thistle) has on dietary liver...

What are the benefits of Auricular Acupuncture?



3rd July 2018

Among the many treatment options offered by the Natural Medicine Department at Malachite Centre, one of the most exciting is...

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Welcome to Malachite Centre

Malachite Centre is an international innovative leader in unlocking human potential through the optimisation of the human condition in all of its aspects.

Malachite Centre empowers and supports you and your family to be physically and mentally healthy. We combine decades of experience in personal leadership, cutting edge Western medical innovations, and the wisdom of natural Eastern medicine to achieve wealth and health in mind, body, and soul.

Patients are not only diagnosed, treated, and supported but also educated in awakening their ability to achieve optimum health in body, mind, and spirit.

The greatest healing therapy is love, friendship and living your most inspired purpose on earth.

You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome"


Effective Health Solutions


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Malachite Centre truly cares about providing the best possible treatment and support to our patients. Our doctors have great experience in their respective fields, we believe that the heart of our service lies in the interconnection of all fields working in perfect harmony together. The best solutions can often require a multidimensional view, the combined expertise of medical professionals with different skillsets and experience.

At Malachite Centre our philosophy is to combine our expertise and work together to create the best possible solution in the treatment of our patients. In this we believe we can elevate our treatments and service offering to new heights. You're in great hands at Malachite Centre.

"Where Love Exists,
Miracles exist."


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3rd July 2018Natural Medicine

The Benefits of Milk Thistle

Why is Milk Thistle also known as the holy thistle? We all know of the wonderful benefits that milk thistle (also commonly known as holy thistle) has on dietary liver health. If you were to go to a health shop you would find it in many...

By quiet_apple1
6th February 2018Psychology

Use the magic of fears

I recently had to face a huge fear: Making a decision that would change my life forever. My vision for my life has expanded and my values have shifted. I am also at a certain stage in my life and I have realised that it is time for a...

By Ilze Alberts1


What Our Client's Say

A cancer diagnosis rocks anyone’s world hopelessly upside down, including those of the ones we love. I was desperate to live despite being faced with the dire prognosis of a Stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Walking into the arms of the compassionate care and expert professionalism of Dr James and Doc D, I instinctively knew that I’d been thrown a lifeline, and airlifted to a safe place where cancer became an adventure of hope instead of a battlefield riddled with fear and uncertainty. Having been given a shelf life of a mere 5 –7 months at the beginning of 2017, today I live abundantly strong, healthy and healed, with one excellent report one after the other as I continue to implement their integrative healing protocols. With your best interests at heart, I would recommend that anyone with a cancer diagnosis afford these men at least a second opinion.


Satisfied Patient

My husband and I have been involved with the Malachite Clinic since inception and the dedication of the Doctors (Dr Johnson and Dr Laporta) and their incredible knowledge in their respective fields has made us feel connected and part of a team. We have felt loved and cared for and they have been totally committed to Mark’s health. T heir integrative approach combining the best of modern and ancient medicinal techniques has provided us with a sense of hope, encouragement and support in this fight.


Satisfied Patient

My association with Ilze is best explained through a beautiful story that I once heard: “Once a wealthy ship magnate had a ship’s engine that could not be repaired by his engineers. He spent a fortune trying to fix it without success. At last a colleague referred him to an old, retired engineer. The old man was called in and arrived with a small black toolbox. He opened the toolbox and took out a stethoscope. He took a few minutes listening to and examining the engine. He then took out a hammer and hit strongly on a particular engine part. As the third blow of the hammer landed, the engine sputtered back to life. The owner was thrilled. The next day the retired engineer sent his invoice for a million dollars. The boss nearly had a stroke. He wrote to the old man demanding to know how he justified such a bill for such a short amount of work. The old man responded with a revised bill: “$100 for inspecting the engine; $999,900 for knowing where to hammer” The boss paid.” Ilze can be linked to the retired engineer. She knows what to listen for and where to hammer to get the fastest and most profound results! Needless to say, I pay with a smile as well.

E.S. Vagis

Satisfied Patient

You have caused myself and my Trustee, to reflect on important aspects of family governance which we have not done to date. You acted as the catalyst for doing so. As a result, I have updated my Will and Ledgers of Wishes to reflect and provide longer term guidance for when I am gone. Through my interaction with you, I have been able to define and begin to articulate the so* issues pertaining to preservation of family wealth – that the money is really just the means to an end but there are deeper family issues that must be addressed. Your role in awakening the awareness has been an important milestone in creating and then preserving a family heritage for me.

David P

Generational wealth creator, business owner

I’m so grateful that I found Ilze in my late 20’s. Such a crucial time for me. My inside and outside world changed after my session and I’m forever deeply grateful to Ilze for empowering me, and to myself for valuing myself enough to take the step.

Adelle Jansen van Rensburg

Satisfied Patient

I have known Ilze Alberts for many years and admire her for her conviction and absolute passion to help people become their authentic selves. As a progressive business woman, she has touched the hearts and souls of thousands if people who she directly and indirectly taken on a journey of discovery. Her nomination as Woman of the Year in South Africa is an indictment of her knowledge, mastery in her field of expertise and her networking if highly intellectual people across South Africa. Her coaching, educational interventions and programmes based on the Dr John Demartini methods are truly captivating and I am personally in awe at witnessing firsthand how it has changed the lives of her students.

G Marais

Satisfied Patient

As part of a deliberate plan to advance my career, I consulted with Family Wealth coach, Ilze Alberts. Within two weeks, I received an amazing promotion, increased my salary dramatically, and most importantly, have a vision and a purpose for my career. The investment I made in my wealth combined with Ilze’s expertise made a dramatic impact in my life and my family’s life.

David A

Satisfied Patient

I never thought I would need someone like Ilze. To be honest, I was happy with my success, things were going great and reaching my goals consistently. Then I lost my biggest business and I had to question my success and my future. That is when I met up with Ilze. She helped me see how losing my business was serving me and how the success I thought was the top of what I could achieve actually was just the starting block on a much larger rise to success. She helped me see that I have more success and potential within myself than I ever imagined. Thank you for that. That helped set a new, exciting course for my life and business. I discovered Ilze and what she could do for me after a major hurdle in my life, I wish I did earlier. It does not matter where you are in life, career or business at this moment in time, you have absolutely nothing to lose to spend time with Ilze and re-evaluate your current view and aim of success. You may just be pleasantly surprised. What do you think you will find? Go and find out.

Willem Gous

Satisfied Patient

Ilze is a very experienced psychologist . She herself has had many devastating life experiences herself and through that she has been able to help others with similar experiences . She is well learned in many topics of life and gets the most amazing results ! She has been my personal psychologist for 20 years and has personally helped me get through an affair and the death of my husband . As well as coach me in my business life . I highly recommend Ilze .

Sylvia De Vries

Satisfied Patient

Ilze is a frontrunner and leader in the field of health and wellbeing. She has a magnetic presence, when she walks into a room her presence is felt. She cares about making a constructive difference in your life and is committed to finding a pathway towards solutions with you. She is the person you want to partner in finding your way back to wellbeing.

Ezanne Swanepoel

Satisfied Patient