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“Just as no individual is the same, no cancer is the same, and this requires a very personalised approach.” - Dr James Laporta

Our dynamic team of experts are ideally placed to help you navigate through the confusing maze of information available. Together we will explore the myriad of questions around various treatment options and the evidence supporting their use.

You deserve an evidence based approach incorporating the best treatments from around the world.

Of utmost importance is that you take a view that all your possible treatment options, both conventional and complementary, are merely tools available for you to choose from and select with confidence. You are captain of the ship! And when you are happy with your final treatment plan – you can engage wholeheartedly and visualise them working together and melting the tumors away. These tools should be used together with your body’s innate wisdom in helping you heal yourself.

Take the power back!

Your personalised roadmap will be developed after an in-depth analysis using clinical expertise and traditional knowledge drawn from both the East and the West. This unique skill set allows us to scientifically integrate both conventional and natural medicines to ensure that only the very best are selected and that there are no unwanted drug interactions, opposing effects or unnecessary use of supplements.

Our Specific Treatments

Malachite Centre Cancer Treatment

We have come to understand cancer intimately.

After an initial assessment, your treatment package is tailored to last between five days and three consecutive weeks per month. This process is then repeated for a period of two to four months depending on the type and stage of your cancer being treated. We have several other treatments that are offered at the clinic for select cases which may include ICG photodynamic therapy (PDT), sonotherapy, natural chemotherapy or targeted botanical isolate infusions, EM therapy, HFUS, ECCT, Endolaser CTC recognition & PDT removal, Dendritic Immune activation, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Whilst no one can or should be promising you a cure at this stage, we guarantee you our full commitment and that we will leave no stone unturned in finding and integrating the best therapies in the world.

You are welcome to book an appointment at our centre or skype consultation with us to explore treatment options and develop a personalised treatment road map. Alternatively you are welcome to book any one of our treatment packages to help optimise your cancer care or simply request that we review your case and forward suggestions to your current team of oncologists and complementary any one of our treatment packages to help optimise your cancer care.

Let us hold your hand and heart through this healing journey.

Presentation on Laser Treatments & PDT using the Weber laser system used at Malachite Centre. More information here

Natural Medicines and Botanical Isolates that we use Intravenously.

Integrative Oncology - Dr Daniel Weber AIOC

Dr Derek Johnson – Natural medicine

Dr James Laporta – Malachite Centre

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We are in the heart of Cape Town, overlooking Table Mountain and the ocean, offering you empathic, holistic medical and psychological care.

Let us hold your hand and heart through this healing journey.

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