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“Our ethos is to combine the best of conventional and complementary medicine by standing on the shoulders of traditional medical practices and embracing new frontiers in medical science.”

- Dr James Laporta

Dr James Laporta

James Laporta

Integrative Medical Practitioner

Dr James Laporta (MD), our Director of Medicine, has dedicated his life to cancer care and research, and is regarded as one of the leading integrative doctors in South Africa. Dr James has lectured at numerous international symposiums and has been invited to consult at well known cancer clinics around the world.

  • Has been invited to present talks at international conferences (ILSA – Las Vegas, Integrative Oncology – Bangkok, Pan African Integrative Medical Conference – Cape Town).
  • Has appeared on Carte Blanche, Cape Talk, Smile FM and Heart Radio among others as an authority on integrative oncology, natural medicine and South African Medical regulations.
  • Is recognised as a leading medical innovator in nutritional supplements in both Dubai and the United Kingdom.
Dr Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

Intergrative Natural Medical Practitioner

Dr Derek Johnson, Director of Natural Medicine, is qualified in many natural medical modalities. He uses sclerology, iridology, live blood analysis as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis to search and validate the cause of symptoms. Having over 40 years’ experience in practising, researching and teaching medicine, he is a talented healer and an authority in his field.

  • Author of three medical books; The Ethnomedicine Practitioner’s Desktop Lexicon, Iridology for the modern practitioner and Cipolopolo.
  • Has over 40 years’ experience in natural medicine.
  • Has studied, taught and practised medicine all over the world.

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