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Cancer Treatment Centre

Welcome to Malachite Centre

We offer unique, cutting edge treatments and where needed, we work closely together with your oncologist and radiologist.

We understand that facing the diagnosis of cancer is hugely challenging.

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed among all the different conventional and alternative treatments?

We can help!

Malachite Centre is in the heart of Cape Town - a pioneering integrative clinic specialising in cancer care. Here you will find a dynamic team of experts ideally placed to help you explore the myriad of questions around various treatment options available and the evidence supporting their use.

We offer unique, cutting edge treatments and where needed, we work closely together with your oncologist and radiologist.

Let us hold your hand and heart through this healing journey.


Meet Your Experts

Our ethos is to combine the best of conventional and complementary medicine by standing on the shoulders of traditional medical practices and embracing new frontiers in medical science. We invite you to come and meet our team and have a consultation with one of our expert doctors.

  • James Laporta

    Integrative Medical Practitioner


What Our Client's Say

My mom was admitted into Christian Barnard hospital in January 2018. The diagnosis: Cancer. After five months of all the relevant examinations, x-rays, blood tests, a biopsy and then more biopsies, we were left with minimal options. My mom’s cancer was aggressive and she was far too weak for the immunotherapy and chemotherapy. Fortunately one of my mom’s medical doctors one month beforehand had suggested I have a chat to Dr Laporta regarding her condition. Dr Laporta as a medical practitioner, being so open minded and compassionate, was unique. His comprehensive knowledge of oncology and his extensive experience gave me peace. He has a calming energy and sincere empathy which gave us immediate faith and hope. I knew my mom and her health would be his priority.

Davina Lasarow (daughter of Wendy Ballende)

My husband and I have been involved with the Malachite Clinic since inception and the dedication of the doctors (Dr Johnson and Dr Laporta) and their incredible knowledge in their respective fields has made us feel connected and part of a team. We have felt loved and cared for and they have been totally committed to Mark’s health. Their integrative approach combining the best of modern and ancient medical techniques has provided us with a sense of hope, encouragement and support in this fight.

Kirsten Lagan (wife of Mark Lagan)

A cancer diagnosis rocks anyone’s world hopelessly upside down, including those of the ones we love. I was desperate to live despite being faced with the dire prognosis of a Stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Walking into the arms of the compassionate care and expert professionalism of Dr James and Doc D, I instinctively knew that I’d been thrown a lifeline, and airlifted to a safe place where cancer became an adventure of hope instead of a battlefield riddled with fear and uncertainty. Having been given a shelf life of a mere 5 - 7 months at the beginning of 2017, today I live abundantly strong, healthy and healed, with one excellent report after the other as I continue to implement their integrative healing protocols. With your best interests at heart, I would recommend that anyone with a cancer diagnosis afford these men at least a second opinion.

Jules Stone

“I met Dr James a few years ago. At that time my health was good and I went to him for a vitamin boost which entailed a mix of Western and Chinese medicine. This completely agreed with me. Six months ago I was diagnosed with cancer which Dr James moved very quickly to treat and support the Haematologist. I am now completely cured. I find Dr James compassionate, very competent both with Western and Chinese treatments - to the layman he borders on genius.”

Jeff and Marja

(Dr Laporta) We are so thankful to have found this integrative approach and are excited about more people knowing that there are options available – ones that allow you the luxury of being as ‘normal’ as possible as you tackle this destructive disease head on! I was recommended to take my father to see Dr James who offers integrative treatment therapy, where one continues western treatments with the support of an eastern ‘healthy’ approach. I never knew this to be possible! Dr James settled our concerns and assured us he’d offer the best support for my dad’s body so that he could cope with the chemo. He also encouraged us to take one step at a time and address each phase as needed. We checked in with him between chemo sessions (which involved three cycles – a 3-night stay over in hospital in each case).


I met Dr James about 3 years ago and have got to know him as an extremely thorough, compassionate Doctor, highly regarded by specialists we dealt with when my husband was successfully treated for cancer. Together with Dr Derek they make a great team which instills trust. We deeply appreciate that at Malachite centre brings eastern and western medicine together in such perfect harmony.