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The Benefits of Milk Thistle

Why is Milk Thistle also known as the holy thistle?

We all know of the wonderful benefits that milk thistle (also commonly known as holy thistle) has on dietary liver health. If you were to go to a health shop you would find it in many products, sometimes listed by its active ingredient, sillymarin.

But did you know that this wonderful plant is far more versatile?

In recent studies it was discovered that milk thistle is also an antioxidant and reduces free radical damage. This is very important because it proves that this amazing herb may assist with many of our medical issues, such as diabetes, cholesterol, asthma and even inhibiting the growth of some cancers, especially colorectal cancer. Some more of the published benefits include inflammatory skin health and it has even been used as a valuable tool in anti-aging. Ongoing studies have proven that estrogen related bone loss is also inhibited by regular consumption of silymarin.

In 2015, scientists found that milk thistle may be one of the keys to treat Alzheimer’s disease because of its ability to inhibit oxidative stress. For those of us who may be slightly more “cuddly” it has been proven that milk thistle extracts are valuable tools in weight loss. Because more and more of our researchers have become so excited about this versatile little plant, many new studies will be confirming just how beneficial this plant really is.

Just a warning though; because milk thistle is so powerful there are potential side effects, especially to those of us who are prone to gallstones, so please consult your professional health care provider before taking this or any other remedy.

Dr Derek Johnson. Director of Natural Medicine, Malachite Centre

What are the benefits of Auricular Acupuncture?

What are the benefits of Auricular Acupuncture?.

Among the many treatment options offered by the Natural Medicine Department at Malachite Centre, one of the most exciting is Auricular acupuncture. Auricular therapy as a treatment modality began in the 3rd century. Practitioners discovered that by placing needles at specific acupuncture points in the ear, patients experienced substantial healing improvements in precise areas of the body. Some of the many benefits of auricular acupuncture include alleviating post-surgery pain, stress, smoking, constipation, migraines and insomnia.

As in all meridian therapies (reflexology, acupressure etc), the many acupuncture points on the ear helped to regulate various functions and organs of the body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) specific ear points are used for sedation, pain relief, clearing the heart and relaxing the mind.

Some of the major benefits include:

Post-surgery pain

In many instances auricular acupuncture has been used to relieve post-surgery pain. As a result, fewer drugs are needed and therefore less side effects occur and healing times improve.


Auricular acupuncture can be highly successful as a technique to reduce/quit smoking, but as with any smoking cessations, the necessary will to give up is vital.


It has been clinically proven for many years that constipation is the root of many illnesses and disorders. Auricular acupuncture is particularly efficient in helping to relieve this condition. Once again, it is important to address the causes as well.


Clinical studies have proven the efficiency of acupuncture in assisting migraine sufferers.


Very often patients’ sleep patterns start improving after the first session.

There are multiple other benefits to auricular acupuncture including ADD/ADHD, general pain management, weight loss, edema and drug rehabilitation. Most treatment protocols require a series of sessions to be successful.