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Photodynamic Treatment

Using lasers to target and kill cancer cells and activate the immune system:

New research has found that laser therapy can be highly effective as a cancer treatment. At Malachite Centre we use lasers to stimulate cells in multiple ways. When used with the right combination of medicines, these lasers have been proven to kill cancer cells and activate the immune system. On site we perform photodynamic therapy which uses specific wavelengths of laser light to selectively target tumour cells. In summary, the lasers stimulate our photoactivating agents that then react with the tumour cells to produce localised free radicals. This results in apoptosis and cell destruction.

Photodynamic Therapy

In some cases we combine this with sonotherapy (sound) and vibrational shock therapy to further enhance the effect. Our doctors have helped pioneer this emerging field of photodynamic and sonodynamic therapy, having been invited to present Dr Laporta’s and Dr Johnson’s unique Malachite protocols at oncology conferences around the world. We are proud to be representing Cape Town as leaders in the world of integrative laser cancer treatment.

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Icon Presentation on PDT and the Weber laser system used at Malachite Centre.

Liposomal ICG’s photoactivity and PDT Cancer treatment –

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