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Resilience & Psychological Care

We are here to help you face the challenges of cancer head on, enabling you to activate the ‘warrior within’ and stimulate psychoneuroimmunological pathways. Together we are able to better understand the root cause of the disease, transcend psychological barriers, face fear and seize opportunity for growth. Ultimately we look forward to joining you on this path, supporting you in any way we can to augment the healing experience. We live by the notion that we can transcend fear and live life beyond the ordinary.

We understand how vital your family is to your journey and offer our support to your family and you in working through internal dynamics, unpacking belief systems, hopes and fears and ultimately making the healing journey easier and more participatory for all involved.

Brett Simpson visit Malachite Centre

Caregivers & Family

Please call us to find out more about our resilience training programmes and our deeper psychospiritual treatments and coaching sessions.

We strongly recommend utilising the Cancer Dojo App, and offer this free to all our patients.

Please see a short video clip of our friend Conn Bertish discussing his own individual journey, psychoneuroimmunology and how to actively engage with treatment in a meaningful way.

4 MIN TALK: Happy People Are Harder to Kill

Let Cancer Heal You

Malachite also offers a cancer screening and prevention programme for your family which includes genetic screening, blood workup, comprehensive natural medicine workup, vitamin drips and diet review, acupuncture, resilience training and adaptogenic supplements.

Above all, we are here to hold your hand and heart through the healing journey.